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Lifelong trial to close the gap between “abled” and “disabled” pupils in Europe

Subtitle: Spare time and sports to unite pupils in Europe

  • Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Montalbán de Córdoba Spain
  • 1o Dimotiko Sholeio Giannitson  Hellas
  • Franciscusoord Mytylschool Valkenburg Lb The Nethelands
  • Elisabethinum Förderzentrum für junge Menschen mit Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderung Axams Austria
  • Bishopswood Special School Oxfordshire United Kingdom
  • Instituto Comprensivo Castellarano Italy

1o Dimotiko Sholeio

1o Dimotiko Sholeio Yiannitson  Greece

 Presentation of teachers and pupils that collaborated in the project "Spare time and Sports to Unite " in the year 2008-2009

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Comenius News

The  Comenius News documents in pdf format  created by the coordinator of the project, Claudio Conte, are published  month by month:
 The activities we are going to put in practice
 -The resources that we will need to develop our project.
- Pictures about Comenius Project in your school.
 -Pictures about Comenius meetings in each country, with the final summary including the most important points.
 -School works about our project and many other useful information for the partners

Comenius news 1
Comenius news 7
Comenius news 2
Comenius news 8
Comenius news 3
Comenius news 9
Comenius news 4
  Comenius news 10
Comenius news 5
  Comenius news 11
Comenius news 6



Common Birthday list for this year. All partecipants
The use of calendar is availlable to all coordinators to fill in the birthdays of pupils. Available tools and option like print share and many other features that we explore as the project goes.. ,give the comfort of better organization



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1o Dimotiko Sxoleio Giannitsa Greece
School website created and mantained by Abrazi Zoe
Information about school activities and European Programs
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